Creating a Kula

I started a blog a few years ago that quickly disintegrated into a personal journal at a very difficult time in my life — not so fun to read, much less write, or broadcast to the world. I kept the (sort of silly) name, Tracebook, thinking I’d start up a blog to talk about the books I’m reading, because I love books. And I’ll still do that here. But I’ve changed my focus a little.

If you click on “About,” above right, you’ll see what my mission is. It’s multifacteted and all-inclusive, two adjectives I’d like to think describe me, as well. I’m in a strong and bright place these days, and I want to shine it out there.

But I also want to explore the huge role motherhood has had in my development as a person for the last seven years, and the role it’s had in many of your lives, as well. That’s the concept behind “If It Hurts, You’re Doing It Right.” In this space I’m going to explore the day-to-day of being a mother, as well as the larger emotion of it, especially when your children are very young. The capital-letter Emotions: Guilt. Anger. Loss. Frustration. Grief. But also Bliss. Love. Pride. Joy.

On this blog and perhaps in book form at some point, I want to create a picture of how becoming a mother felt to me and to my friends (my kula!) who are kind and brave enough to share their stories. Obviously, I am in no way an expert about the “right” way to do any of this – and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that one doesn’t exist. I hope that having a discussion about it will bring us together, because though this journey (motherhood, but also life) often feels lonely, we have a multitude of comrades.

In Anusara yoga we refer to our community as our “kula.” One of my teachers, Julie, described it today as having two functions — to ground and support you, and also to allow you to expand and shine.

If you’re reading this, you’re already part of my kula. I hope you’ll continue to read, and that you’ll comment, and give me your feedback!


5 Comments on “Creating a Kula”

  1. profgrrrrl says:

    Ah, my dear friend. I think you’ll know who this is. (I have, perhaps, sent you the link to my deep dark undercover blog in the past. It just felt right to use this name rather than my given one to comment on your blog, since my blog is my space for musing on life and related events.) So nice to see you blogging again. I look forward to reading, discussing, etc.


  2. DoulaMomma says:

    shine on…I look forward to bearing witness


  3. Atsi says:

    Looking forward to all the experiences that being part of your kula will bring!


  4. I truly agree…if it hurts you must be alive. Funny how we and by we I mean me specifically to all we can to shield ourselves from pain. Quite interesting. I’m love to chat about the yoga experience you mentioned and how it transformed you emotionally.


  5. kmaslp says:

    Looking forward to sharing in this experience with you. I will enjoy watching you shine.


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