Taylor and the Taylors

Yesterday my friend Rachel got tickets for us and some other friends to see Taylor Swift with all of our daughters this summer. It took some doing — that girl and her four shows at the Prudential Center in Newark are a hot ticket. We moms got pretty obsessed about securing seats. Because we really want our daughters to get to see her, of course. But we may want to go even more than they do.

I didn’t know much about Ms. Swift until I watched a concert documentary about her with my girls last fall, on a new cable channel called the Hub. It was about the final show of Taylor’s “Fearless” tour. She came off as being a very smart, cool, fun girl — girl power all over the place — and she’s a great songwriter and performer. I realized I knew her song “You Belong With Me” from the radio, and that I really liked it.

My musical tastes generally lean toward the Cure/New Order/Joy Division/Depeche Mode side of the spectrum, but I’m also unapologetic about my love of a good old-fashioned pop song (Spice Girls, anyone? They rocked). And Miss Taylor writes a great pop song. A few days before Christmas, Santa picked up a copy of her new album, “Speak Now,” at Starbucks (turns out Santa and I both love vanilla lattes — who knew?). It was a hit with most of our household. At least three-fourths. And Todd will admit that it’s got a beat and you can dance to it, even while he chides me, “I thought you didn’t like country!”

Well, I like Taylor. And I like concerts! I went to a ton of them in the ’80s, when we would “sleep out” for a $20 ticket and $15 got you a T-shirt. Taking my daughters to their first show is pretty exciting. Just so you know, I’ll be the mom who drives the gaggle of girls to concerts until they’re old enough to go on their own — or until they are so embarrassed by me that they no longer allow me to tag along.

I can definitely still channel my inner girl pretty effortlessly. I wander into Justice, a tween clothing store, at the mall and get a smile on my face. Claire’s has pretty much the same effect. Now I get to do girldom all over again with Kate and Sara! Not that being a girl is all butterflies and sunshine, but sometimes, it is. It’s such pure pleasure that motherhood can bring you sweet nostalgia and a way to really bond over something fun with your kids.

And just to show how things in life tend to converge, my boys Duran Duran have a new album out, and and great new single. (See the fabulous “All You Need Is Now” video and Simon LeBon looking surprisingly hot with a beard here.) It totally harks back to their “Rio” days, in 1982, when I was 12 and they were my first concert. I love that they’re still around and that they still sound great. They’ll probably also tour later this year. So it’ll be a year of Taylor and the Taylors — John and Roger.


3 Comments on “Taylor and the Taylors”

  1. Good for you seeing an actual concert!!! I have only been the kid crossover concerts of late (Dan Zanes and They Might be Giants).

    Might need to re-energize with a grownup concert this year!!


  2. williamguth says:

    Madonna — ‘Who’s that Girl?’. My first stadium concert ever! First concert ever.


  3. Emma Magenta says:

    One of my pals sat next to Simon LeBon on an airplane. He tells a great story about it–remind chris when you see him next.


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