Short But Sweet: Manifestations of the Divine

Sometimes I look at these two lovely creatures and I can’t believe that I had anything to do with creating them. They are: stunningly beautiful, smart, clever, funny, happy, open, present, adventurous, generous, wise. They have helped me to see — to become — who I really am, and they’ve given me more gifts than I can ever hope to return. I am so grateful for them, and so lucky that I get to be their mother.


2 Comments on “Short But Sweet: Manifestations of the Divine”

  1. Karen Faistl says:

    Wow Tracy you have captured exactly how I feel everyday when I too look at my amazing girls! The joy and wonderment I feel each day at being their mother is the best gift I have ever known. You have brought me some happy tears this morning 🙂


  2. Jen Conroy says:

    Tracy, I loved The Four Agreements! So simple, so profound! Living in the moment, being impeccable with your words. Sacred stuff! So glad you started this blog. Thank you for sharing!!!


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