Short but Sweet: Why I Love Summer

It’s beyond hot here. It’s currently 96 degrees with a heat index of 103. We are holed up inside in the air conditioning. I know it’s not good for the environment or our energy bill, but I love air conditioning. I love it so cold you need a sweater, and you have to periodically go outside to warm up. Not that that’s an issue with my window units. It’s a distant memory from working in NYC offices.

The only thing I don’t love about summer is that I simply and absolutely can’t run in the heat. I can’t breathe. And no, I’m not going to get up at 6 am and run, as smart of an idea as that is. So I need to find a dreaded treadmill for the next few months. But yoga is year-round. And it’s the perfect time for tennis.

I love sundresses and tank tops and bare feet with painted toes. I love that my hair gets blonder and my skin turns brown (I do use plenty of sunscreen, but I get color regardless). I love how Kate turns golden and Sara turns nut brown, so dusky she looks like she needs a good scrub. I love them in their cute little bathing suits. I even sort of love my bathing suits, though I don’t look nearly as cute as my girls do. I love the smell of sunscreen. I love our community pool. I love sprinklers and lazy rivers and log rides. I love the beach and the ocean and our annual August trek down the Shore.

I love ice pops, ice cream, chips and guac. I love all the food associated with barbecues. I love the Fourth of July fireworks, not least because my birthday is July 3. (I love love love my birthday.)

I love how it stays light until so late. I love fireflies.

Of course, I prefer a nice 80-degree day to this sweltering, dangerous heat. But I’ll take it over a windchill anytime.

There’s something about the summer. There’s a purity, a clarity to it. I feel sleeker and healthier and lighter. The days are quieter, less weighty. Things that feel difficult the rest of the year seem possible. Everything is simpler. I feel more accepting and open, more willing to let things go, let things in.


One Comment on “Short but Sweet: Why I Love Summer”

  1. Rita says:

    Love this! You went on a rampage of appreciation right there! Keep milking it! enjoy the summer…


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