Short but Sweet: Staying with the Dark

Perfect theme in yoga class today. There are times when you’re in a pose and it’s tough, uncomfortable, downright painful, but if you open to grace, breathe and stay with it, it will charge your muscles and make you brighter inside, able to stretch out and shine out more. This really resonated for me today. I’ve been feeling a bit down and dark the past few days; things have come up lately in my life that are hard to look at, hard to face. But avoiding them is not the answer. True strength, true engagement in life, is letting everything in, accepting it all — the good and the bad — and knowing that you have what it takes to stay with the bad stuff, to unravel it, use it to charge yourself, move through it, and shine out more truly and brightly than before.


5 Comments on “Short but Sweet: Staying with the Dark”

  1. janetrites says:

    THANK YOU for writing this today!!! This really resonates with me at this time. I have to write a paper for my class that outlines my entire path of growth and development from birth to today… and it is NOT fun. I’ve put together a giant outline of my entire life and am making notes at each age as to what events and relationships were present. Some were good. Some are very bad. But, I HAVE to stay with it. It’s a huge opportunity for learning and growth. And, I appreciate your encouraging words today!! 🙂


  2. Nancy says:

    I am feeling you, too, Tracy!


  3. nixiemarie says:

    so true, my dear. it’s from hanging out in the dark spots that we realize how strong we really are. ❤


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