I’ve been thinking a lot about the moon. It’s one of the things I really adore, and I always have. I love its quiet, calm but brilliant luminosity. It rules my sign, Cancer, and it’s associated with maternal energy and the divine feminine. It’s also associated, obviously, with cycles and transitions. It’s always changing, waxing and waning, but it’s also steadfast and predictable.

And once a month, it’s gloriously full.

I started thinking about it in the middle of the summer. July 15 was a Hindu and Buddhist festival called Guru Purnima, on which students and disciples offer puja (worship) and thanks to their teachers (gurus). It falls on the occasion of the full moon (purnima). I’d never heard of this celebration before, but this year it had significance for me, because I am about to start teacher training in Anusara yoga. I am quite grateful for my amazing teachers, and I’m excited to keep learning from and with them as I delve deeper.

Then last week I came across a lunar salutation practice. I loved the idea of it — I even love the words “lunar salutation” — and it’s a meditative, gentle practice to do along with or instead of sun salutations, especially as the season changes. According to the article: “Whereas solar energy is warm, active, and outwardly oriented, lunar energy is cool, receptive, and inwardly focused.”

I posted the link on Facebook, and a friend said that evening, September 12, she and her family were celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival, also called the Zhongqiu Festival or Moon Festival. It’s a Chinese and Vietnamese harvest ritual that falls close to the autumnal equinox, a night for lunar worship and moon watching. You eat mooncakes and fruit, and you might burn incense or light lanterns.

Clearly this moon energy resonates with me, and it seems to be coming up a lot lately. The idea of fullness attracts me, too. Being and feeling full offers a kind of luminosity in itself, also with a cool, inward energy. Maintaining this kind of fullness, I think, requires a spaciousness, quite far from feeling full to bursting or too full to allow anything else in.

It’s an open, cool feeling that I want to try to keep with me amid the craziness of the back-to-school season and all the other ups and downs in my life.


One Comment on “Full”

  1. Rita says:

    I felt a nice sense of calm as I was reading your post- thanks!


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