Short But Sweet: Virabhadrasana II

I love Warrior II. I’d much rather do it all day than do my least favorite poses, utkatasana (the dreaded chair) and Warrior I. (Well, maybe not, but you get what I mean.) It makes me feel poised and powerful. Grounded and strong.

It’s good for opening your hips and your chest, for strengthening your back, and powering up your legs, making you more mentally alert, calming your nervous system. It roots you into the earth, which allows you to open and soar.

Your back leg presses down powerfully, your thigh back. Your hips stay square to the side, and you bend your front leg into a right angle. You lift your arms to shoulder height, spread your fingers wide, and finally, triumphantly, turn your head forward and gaze out over your hand.

For me, that’s the rock star part.

If handstand, or adho mukha vrksasana (please humor me, I’ve got to learn all these names), is my nemesis pose, my love-hate relationship, this one is my best, sweetest, most loyal friend. It’s the one I always know I’ll be able to handle, to go just a little farther in than last time, to completely enjoy.

When I’m done, I can’t help but feel better than I did before. More capable and centered. Stronger. Clearer. Calmer.


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