Short but Sweet: A Tool for the Box

One of the things I almost always do when coming out of savasana is extend my arms straight over my head, taking a big, long stretch along the floor. When I did this on Tuesday, after a class where backbends were the apex pose, my eyes snapped open. I felt my shoulder blades move down my back and rest against the floor. My side body was nice and long, my shoulders set back into their sockets. I set my hands where I would for a backbend and realized that I was about as well aligned as I’d ever been to go up.

I tend to not get long enough through my sides and to feel crunchy in my back during urdhva dhanurasana. And the truth is, it’s all about the shoulders — that’s what allows you to really blaze your heart forward between your hands when you’re up there.

So I used my long-on-the-floor stretch today in class to prepare — and it helped my backbends immensely.



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