Spring Is the Cruelest

32325_10200524237241771_571497803_nUsually that’s something to say about April, but this late March is a doozy. My throat won’t stop itching, and now my nose itches too. Eyes are watery. The air outside feels toxic to my lungs. I hardly even want to look at a picture of a flower or a cherry blossom, much less be near one.

But it’s lovely out there. This is such an annoying combination.

Even without the allergy symptoms (which I only started experiencing maybe 10 years ago), I’ve always found spring-to-winter to be a difficult transition. It’s supposed to be amazing and joyful and a relief after the harshness of winter, but I often find that I have trouble coming out of my cold-weather cocoon into the sunlight. I feel like a turtle without a shell. It’s too much, too soon.

It’s interesting that this season of new life and new beginnings can also feel difficult. It truly is a big deal for the earth to wake up again and start the important, amazing business of growing new things. It makes sense that the change can feel a little overwhelming. Giving birth (not to mention being born) is overwhelming.

I’m trying hard not to complain too much or to lock myself away from the outdoors. This year I’ll attempt to take it in stride. This is my body waking up to the fact that things are starting over. There are drugs I can take to lessen the symptoms (and believe you me, I’ve already begun to take them).

Here are some new things I can celebrate:

— My girls just got their first bikes, and Kate taught herself to ride, sans any training wheels, in a day. Sara opted for the wheels but is determined, as always, not to fall too far behind.

— My tulips are coming up out front. I actually planted bulbs about three years ago that have come up again and again. That’s a pretty major gardening accomplishment for me.

— Also, my hydrangea bushes, which had a few rough years, seem to be coming back with a vengeance. They’re my very favorite blooms, so this is a triumph.

— I’m one weekend away from being done with yoga teacher training. This means that in a matter of months you could be taking a yoga class from me. That’s certainly something new and exciting.

— There are new beginnings in my yoga practice. I’ve been reveling in backbends lately. And today in class I realized that my sacrum is finally tipping forward when I sit in upavistha konasana (wide-legged straddle), something I’ve always been horrible at. The body, when coached gently and consistently, ultimately chooses to do what feels right and good.

So there you have it: My pledge to not be completely cranky for the next month (for my allergies always seem to resolve themselves by the time May rolls around).

Here’s to spring.


2 Comments on “Spring Is the Cruelest”

  1. Martha Roth says:

    So well written. Thank you! And congratulations to you finishing teacher training. I’d love to take a class with you.


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