New Moon

MoonNope, this post is not about the Twilight series (though I did read the books and see a few of the movies, and I get a total kick out of the whole thing — Team Edward!). It’s about my lovely little moon tattoo, which I got yesterday. It’s on the inside of my left wrist, and getting it hurt like a mother (no pun intended). There are lots of nerves and not much padding right there. Fortunately, it didn’t take very long. And I love it.

See, it’s March, and I got my other two tattoos in March, last year and the year before. So it seemed fitting to get one this March. No, I don’t know why March. It just worked out that way. Though my friend Denise filled me in on the fact that yesterday was the new moon in Aries, which is apparently hugely auspicious. It’s a powerful time for new beginnings and manifesting your dreams. Very cool!

I’ve written about the moon before, so I will not try to improve upon that — please click here to read about how much I love that luminous orb in the sky and see what makes it important enough to me that I got it permanently etched on my arm.


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