Short But Sweet: Scrumble

My daughter Kate learned how to crochet in summer camp. She loves it. I’m impressed, because I’m fairly useless at anything involving yarn or thread.

The actual class she took was entitled “Crochet Scrumble.” She explained “scrumble” to me this way: to work on a project or craft with no clear idea of the outcome. The enjoyment and challenge are in the process, in the satisfaction and rhythm of doing the work, in looking forward to finding out what you’ll get in the end.

I looked the word up, and the “official” definition is “to scrape or scratch something out or from.” To take what you have and create something from it.

It occurred to me that “scrumbling” is an important thing to know how to do, and an important thing to enjoy doing. Because it’s really all we can do in this life — be where we are, engage with what’s in front of us, and see where it all leads.


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